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Don't just take our word for it!  Here is feedback from some of our customers. 


I recently bought a used Precor 546 Elliptical and a Vectra 1600 Online weight set.  The elliptical needed a new set of belts and the Vectra needed to be put back together after we had moved it to our home.  I called Genady at Fitness Equipment Repair and within 24 hours he traveled 75 miles to my home to repair both.  If you're familiar with the Vectra, you know that this is a good quality gym but requires a  level of expertise to put together that most people don't have. Genady showed-up on time, and expertly worked on both machines--he did an awesome job with the Vectra construction: very knowledgeable, very patient, very thorough.  I would call him again for all fitness needs!

Mike T

Cornville, AZ



As an owner of a fitness center, I am exposed to many repair people. Fitness Equipment Repair is by far the best in service, reliability and honesty. They fix what needs to be fixed, advise on what "might" need repair in the future, and shop around for the best prices on parts for the customer. This is the ONLY repair company I ever recommend. I have never been disappointed and doubt you will be either.

J. F.

Cave Creek, AZ

Very helpful and honest when our treadmill stopped working. I would recommend easily.

Tammy R.

Glendale, AZ



I called this service because my treadmill was not working properly. My kids were playing with it and the incline setting was stuck on to constantly try and lift the drive belt. Anyway, he came over next day and fixed it so that it was not doing it. He was dressed clean and was very professional, he gave me a quote for the repair but since I bought it used the repair came to more than what I paid for it. Plus he warned me that the treadmill all together was not made to be ran on daily for an hour (between me and my wife we run at least 1.5 hours per day on this thing). He offered for us to buy a used unit from him and even said he would give us the service call as credit toward the new one since it was not worth fixing my old one. I will use my old one a while longer before taking him up on the offer.

Eli H.

Peoria, AZ

The belt slipped off my ancient elliptical. I emailed Genady through the website and received a phone call almost immediately. He stopped by the next day and determined that the wheel needed to be replaced. It was questionable whether or not he could get parts so we decided I'd replace it with one that Genady was expecting. He would deliver the new-to-me machine, taking the old one for me. The price for service is very reasonable as was the ballpark figure for the new one. Genady was also cognizant of my space issues and did not try to sell me something too expensive and too big for my house. He's professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Darenna R.
Phoenix, AZ

Our elliptical was making strange noises and not operating smoothly, so I gave these guys a call.  My message was returned with an hour by a very nice man named Genady.  He asked me several questions about the elliptical and what it was doing.  I got the distinct impression that he really knew his stuff (although, to be fair, you could probably impress me with a technical description of a pencil sharpener).  We scheduled an appointment.  He called the day before our appointment to let me know he was in our area and would be available if it was convenient for us.  I was away for the afternoon but my husband was home.  He praised Genady highly and Genady taught him a few things about how our elliptical works.  We are very pleased and will call them again with any future issues.

Kelly V.

Phoenix, AZ